New Diet Fads And Health Trends That Actually Work

Health trends and diet fads come and go. Even though many of the health product out today are a scam, some of them are very effective. Below are some of the health trends and diet fads that actually work:

Green Tea Extract

Eastern cultures have used green tea extract for thousands of years. They believe that green tea can improve health and add years to one’s life. Unlike many other weight loss supplements, green tea extract actually has scientific evidence to prove that it works. Researchers have found that green tea extract helps increase fat oxidation. Fat oxidation encourages the body to break down fat molecules so that they can be used by the body for energy. Therefore, encouraging fat oxidation helps promote weight loss.

Green tea extract also helps boot metabolism. Furthermore, there are other health benefits that can be reaped from using green tea extract. Green tea extract can help lower cholesterol and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. There are several weight loss supplements that have green tea extract. However, you should consider trying Healthe Trim. Another great product from this company that helps to suppress the appetite and break down existing fat is Healthe Trim’s raspberry ketone supplement.

Whey Protein

Whey protein has been used by athletes and bodybuilders for many years. Recent studies have shown that whey protein can also be effective for promoting weight loss. Whey protein helps suppress appetite, which helps you consume fewer calories. Whey protein is easily digested by the body because it is derived from milk.

It is important to remember that all protein is not created equal. There were two studies done by the University of Surrey In England that compared casein protein and whey protein. During the first study, the subjects were asked to consume a liquid meal with either casein or whey protein. Ninety minutes later, they were asked to eat freely at a buffet. The results of the study showed that the subjects who consumed whey protein consumed fewer calories.

During the second study, the researchers examined the effects that casein and whey protein had on satiety-related hormones. The subjects were asked to consume a beverage with either casein or whey protein. The results of the study showed that the subjects who had whey protein had a 60-65 percent increase in glucagon-peptide 1 and cholecystokin, which are the hormones that are associated with satiety.

African Mango

African Mango, which is also known as irvingia gabonesis, is another weight loss supplement that has been receiving a lot of positive attention. There was a study randomized, double-blind study done on obese individual who were given this supplement.

The results of the that the subjects were not only able to lose weight, but they were also able to decrease their HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease their LDL (bad cholesterol). African Mango is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which is why researchers believe that it can be effective for promoting weight loss.

While many fad diets and health trends cause people to waste money, some are definitely worth trying. If you want to improve your health and/or lose weight, then you should consider trying green tea extract, African Mango or whey protein. There have been studies done to confirm the effectiveness of those supplements.